Choosing thought-provoking essay topics about Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is a story that includes many aspects such as love, challenges, and other details giving the story unique connections to society. There are a few ways to find ideas for your paper while creating something that will fit writing guidelines.

What Did You Like about the Story?

Great Gatsby features a storyline and plot with a number of characters people can relate to in some aspect. You can choose essay topic ideas based on what you know about the character of interest. There are aspects you know about a character based on what is mentioned. Use these hints to get ideas on what to write about. Think about why the author wrote the content in the manner it was presented? What are things you enjoyed or didn’t like you can write a paper about?

Tips on Creating Compelling Topics

There are a few things to keep in mind when creating ideas for your paper. You can use sample papers to get an idea on what to write. These are found through homework help sites and online academic databases with papers uploaded and shared by students. There are websites offering notes and tips related to the story of Great Gatsby that may offer inspiration in developing an original topic. As you read the story write down parts or actions that standout. You can research these elements closely later on and possibly come up with a topic.

10 Topic Ideas for Great Gatsby

To get a jump start on potential ideas it helps to have perspective on where to draw original content. Here is a basic list of ideas to consider:

  1. How storyline helps define American Dream.
  2. Is the character Nick someone you can trust?
  3. How does money depict or set people in the story into certain groups?
  4. Why does Gatsby have a hard time dealing with the past?
  5. How are human senses explored in the story?
  6. How does Gatsby fit the expression a self-made man?
  7. Was Gatsby ever in love with Daisy?
  8. Why is Gatsby considered great?
  9. Something you would add or change about a character.
  10. Which version of the story is better: the book or movie? Why?