5 ingredients to add to make an outstanding essay

There is a difference between writing an ordinary essay and writing an essay that attracts the attention the attention of those that are it. To write such an essay you obviously are going to go an extra mile In your research and manner of writing. This means that you are going to do very thorough preparation before writing the essay and that you are going to add components in the essay that are not commonly found In other essays. I will assure that it is not simple but it is all worth it. Here is how you are going to achieve this.

  1. Use figurative language
  2. They say that common things occur commonly. You therefore do not expect to use common language and still have an essay that is unique. Make your essay interesting by using language in a creative manner. Do not write the way you speak in daily life because this is not something that is common you are doing. Use similes, metaphors, phrasal verbs and sayings here necessary. While doing all these you need to be careful that you do not overdo it such that your essay ends up too complex and not easily understood.

  3. Use vocabulary
  4. Well, when I say vocabulary I do not mean that you look for the biggest words that you come across and throw into the essay. This will worsen the situation. A vocabulary is any word in English that is not commonly used. Make sure that you use vocabularies that the reader can easily get the meaning even without checking in the dictionary. This is because the vocabularies have been placed in the right context. Again I will caution you against overdoing this because it will distort the desired effect.

  5. Be creative
  6. Creativity is the mother of every form of writing that you will ever engage in. the moment you miss out on creativity your piece of writing becomes boring and the reader might not even finish reading it. By this I mean that you create situations in your essay that will make the reader think out with you or simply capture their attention. You can do this by arising conflicts in your essay which you eventually solve or you leave the reader to solve or ask rhetoric questions in which the reader will answer on their minds as they read.

  7. Quote from other people
  8. One of the ways in which you show that you have mastery of the topic that you are writing about is by quoting texts from other people. It does not only show that you know that you are writing about but also shows that you are an extensive reader. Use statements like, so and so once said that. This will make your reader have trust in the information in what they are reading and will eventually be persuaded that they are dealing with a writer per excellence.

  9. Check your spellings and grammar
  10. Yes it’s true that you might be having all that we have discussed above there but your information has been conveyed with a lot of mistakes that the reader finds it hard to know that you are trying to mean. This is how easily one can lose their marks for s matter that they could have easily corrected. All you need to do to avoid this is go through your essay more than once after writing it just to proof read and make sure that everything is in order.