The key to composing an impressive essay about your friend

So you have chosen to write an essay about your friend and now you’re looking for ways to turn it into a great work of art. This article will teach you the most important rule for writing a personal and interesting text.

The key to writing your friend essay is this: keep it honest.

Start with the truest thing you know about your friend and build the story from there. Hemmingway once said that every man’s life–told in an honest way–is a novel. Even though you’re not writing a novel, the same advice holds true when composing an attention-grabbing and emotion-revealing text about your friend.

Make sure to include vivid details and picture-evoking language, but above all keep it true and honest. Allow yourself to write about actual feelings.

This way you will capture and maintain your reader’s interest.

Try to be as specific as possible and avoid generalization or abstract concepts.

Write openly about the three aspects of your awareness continuum:

  1. Write about your feelings and how they actually felt inside your body.
  2. Share your true thoughts with the reader, even the hidden ones.
  3. Explain what you noticed in the environment.

For the latter, you want to include multi-sensory descriptions and make them ring true. Describe the smells, sounds and visual aspects of your setting.

Again, be as specific as possible here.

Don’t say “a period of long, unfavorable weather set in.” Be more precise and say “it rained for seven days straight.” Also, make sure to never put a “policemen in a vehicle,” when you could put a “cop in a car.” Look for the shortest, most honest and direct way to write what comes to mind and you make sure to keep your readers engaged.

Be bold with your language and don’t hide behind long sentences or uncommon words. Commit to telling the truth and tell it as vividly a you can.

Of course, telling the truth does not go as far as revealing personal facts about your friend that are not meant to be shared with anyone. Keep your agreements and keep things that are just between you and your friend out of the text. Telling the truth refers to writing in a true and honest way more than digging for secrets.

Really try to be as specific as possible. Separate your imaginings from reality. Write about what really happened and don’t be afraid to tell the reader how you felt. The best stories are told from the heart.