Simple guide to crafting a strong essay about a good friend

When writing about a good friend, a lot of memories will come to mind; you probably won’t run out of things to write about. However, to make it a strong and compelling read, there are a few things to consider.
This simple guide will help you create a good friend essay.

  1. Begin with one key fact about your good friend
    This can be the most noticeable feature about your friend, an obvious character trait, or something as simple as your friend’s name. You could also write about the first time you met your friend to kick off your story. Pick one key fact from your pool of memories and start right there. In the end all starting points are equally good.
  2. What makes your friend a good friend?
    Why is he or she such a good friend to you? How does the person stand out from your other friends? Here you can elaborate more on what makes your friend special to you. Was it a specific occasion where your friend stood out from the rest? Do you share a deep bonding experience? Include this after the introduction.
  3. How do you support each other in your friendship?
    Here you can write about how you and your friend support each other and how you both benefit from your friendship. Maybe you both play for the same soccer team and push each other? Or maybe you do your homework together? Maybe your friend is someone you talk to about your feelings and thoughts. Include this in the next part.

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How to structure the essay

So you know what you want to include but you’re not sure how to structure the essay. We recommend to begin with a short statement, like ‘my good friend is a hidden genius.’ Then structure your text around this statement and make sure every paragraph supports this driving idea. Start with an introduction and end with a conclusion, which can be a different phrasing of your statement. When writing your paragraphs, make sure to only include one new idea per paragraph and to connect them with linking words and phrases. Every paragraph should support your short statement.