The secrets of writing a quality essay about your best friend in childhood

I remember during my childhood times, I had many friends. Despite this, I can clearly remember my best friend. She was a lady. If given an assignment to craft my best friend essay in English, I will not hesitate. I will give my best and compose the best paper ever to show how much closer we were. This can be you as well. If you cannot complete your paper, you can focus on these secrets.

  • Know who your childhood best friend is
    You must think of someone specific to write about. If you did not have an interesting friend, perhaps this can be more of creativity rather than reality. Remember, you must say something about your best friend. You can give him or her an imaginary name and master other demographical details such as place of residence.
  • Give evidence to defend your points
    Once you start giving out points about your best friend, you should know how to provide sufficient and legitimate evidence. This should be sourced out from literature books and other materials that may be available in the library. Your teacher can judge you and hence reward you marks based on how you address your issues.
  • Outline major points about him or her
    Once you have this imaginary or real friend, you have to make a list of major achievements anyone else cannot think of. Remember that you do not have to be like others. If someone else is more inclined on a particular aspect, quickly think of something else. This is to make your work look unique so that you can earn marks. If you have limited information about your best friend, you can get more of this from the textbooks.
  • Be original
    If you have read sample of my friend essay, you will be certain of what many people base on. There is no need for you to continue with this monotony. You can change things by making your work look great. It is not difficult. You simply need to have fresh content and refrain from duplicating essays from other sources. Only a few people are able to be smart and maintain originality especially if the entire class has been asked to write on a similar topic. If you have equipped yourself early enough, you will not fumble with your work. You will have many different ways of addressing the same question.