5 great directions that helped me write a top grade essay on my best friend

I remember crafting a top grade essay on my best friend when I was still in high school. This was about my best friend. This was my best paper because it attracted everyone’s attention and other students could not help but come to me for advice. Wondering how I made this possible? Well, it was not a big deal. I simply realized and adhered to these five major guidelines.

  • Deeply researching
    It costs nothing to sit down and find information on my best friend essay. I spent a good time reading books and searching on the internet in order to try and understand what my teacher really wanted. Finally, I learnt that the secret of composing a great essay was equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge. Apart from just having basic knowledge on my best friend, I sought to gain further knowledge through reading books.
  • Constructing an outline
    After researching, I drafted an outline. Here, I simply noted down as many points as possible which I had read from the books. I did not include anything strange. You can as well follow the same course. Provision of evidence to your opinions requires strong back up and this must be accessed from research. Inadequate exploration effectively prevents unnecessary repetition and therefore giving you a chance to address each issue in a fresh and original way.
  • Effective transition and logical flow of points
    If you want everyone to give ear to your work, you must make it impressive and give it a logical flow of ideas. Let every idea you give have an efficacious transition. Use of correct linking words is key to development of the body section.
  • Making it attractive
    This is something that many students wish to achieve only that they do not know how. Many of them overthink. This aspect of attracting readers is simply instilled from the simple vocabularies and the use of appropriate sentence structure. Starting your essay with a catchy statement also improves the quality of your work.
  • Keeping it simple but unique
    During my life as a student, I really learned a lot of things that later made me changed my life. Initially, I used to think that great writers employ those huge jargons and new vocabularies. This was not the case. Most of those who shone had used simple vocabularies in a unique way. You need to know how and where each new vocabulary can be used appropriately.