How to construct a great essay in no time: advice for ESL students

Essay writing is a simple and an easy task. It is part of your academics and may make active contribution towards your final average marks. Failing in essay writing means failing in other disciplines. Are you an ESL student? Then the mention of composing a great essay should not be something to talk about. You should be ready to put this advice into action and construct a blasting essay.

  • Search for details
    It is much easier to write when you already have details rather than beginning from the scratch. Identify the subject you are dealing and look for appropriate books from the school library. If you have money, you can purchase these textbooks and personally utilize them any time you want. Many textbooks will give you correct details to help you formulate great ESL essay writing topics. However, there are those that may be inappropriate. Avoid such books so that you do not mislead your audience.
  • Create a working schedule
    This is simply to remind you when to start and stop writing. However, you may as well allocate time within which you should complete the three major sections of the paper. Make sure your introduction, body and the conclusion have been given more time to be completed. A good working schedule should be easily understandable and easy to read.
  • Make a simple outline
    You may have explored enough but if you do not write down notes, then you have done totally nothing. You utilize most of your time trying to recall the points you read from the book and at times, this may be in vain. The best way to avoid this therefore, is list down points about your essay topic and then organize them to form a simple outline.
  • Start with the simplest section
    Some people prefer doing it systematically. However, it is also advisable to start with the simplest section. For instance, if you find trouble in completing your introduction, you can simply craft the body. This will be easier if you already have an outline section where you can easily get the points.