A Brief Guide to Completing a Strong English Essay about My Best Friend

The best English paper will be about a topic you want to write with interesting and creative details. Usually, a paper of this nature can be boring to write, but considering the topic of a best friend, it may be something fun and interesting to look forward to this time around. Here is basic information to consider when starting your paper on the subject.

  • Create an Interesting Topic about Best Friend
    When planning your best friend essay writing the first step is to develop the perfect topic. A good topic is something you feel you can provide plenty of details in a clear manner. It should be easy to write about if you have experience with it or want to share your personal opinion. There are many sources available to help you find a topic of interest. Talk to your best friend about potential ideas. Ask your instructor for guidance on what to write. Use online databases with sample papers to read topic titles. Visit homework help sites with lists of writing prompts for writing assignments on best friends or friendships.
  • Collect Information and Be Creative
    A compelling paper needs intriguing details and solid supporting points to back the main idea or thesis statement. After defining the main idea for your paper it is time to get creative. Think about details you need to support your main idea and how to present them in order from most to least important. Provide clear details for each supporting point that shows it is connected (supports) the main idea of your paper.
  • Make an Outline and Write Rough Draft
    As long as you have a strong main idea it will be easy to come up with a few supporting points to discuss. The outline helps you define and organize key points related to your main idea. Anytime information is collected it can be included in the outline. The outline tells you where to insert your information. It makes rough draft writing so much easier.