What should I include into an essay about my best friend

Writing a story about your best friend can be a fun task. However–since the person is your best friend for a reason–you might be tempted to overwrite and loose yourself. To make your text stand out from the masses and get a high grade, there are a few things to consider.
We researched a handful of winning elements to include.

  1. Write about the first time you met your best friend
    This is a great way to kick off your essay and immediately capture the reader’s interest. Your very first sentence could be: the first thing I noticed about (enter friend’s name) was his (enter first thing you’ve noticed).
    You can win your readers over by inserting a fun or surprising fact here.
  2. Pick one character trait and let it guide you
    Rather than writing too much and staying on the surface, we recommend to pick just one of your friend’s character traits. What makes him or her your best friend? Use his most loveable trait and have it guide you through the story
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  4. Write about one lasting experience you shared
    What was the coolest activity you did together? Was there this one time with your friend which you’ll never forget and will keep talking about for years to follow? This is a great element to include in your essay.
  5. Write about a hardship in your friendship
    Did you experience a rough patch with your friend? Share this story with your readers and tell them how you got over this. Maybe you came out stronger in the end? Maybe this hardship taught you the true value of staying together and working things out? Your audience likes reading about emotions, so don’t be shy to include them.
  6. What did you learn from your best friend
    Is there a specific thing you learned from your friend? Maybe something you are grateful for? Include the whole story in your text and show your readers how the learning occurred.

Summary: My best friend essay
Try to be specific and stick with a few emotionally relevant tales from your friendship. It’s always better to pick the most important facts, rather than being too general and shallow. Share your emotions with your readers and tell the story of your friendship around one key character trait. This way you are sure to win with a great story which your teachers and your best friend will love.