Expert's advice on how to organize a 500-word essay in a proper way

Writing a 500-word text might seem like an easy task–it’s not a lot of text and you’re likely to fill not more than one page using Microsoft Word. However, in the brevity lies the complication, for it’s often harder to write less than more.
This article will show you how to write a 500-word essay.

  • Write a thesis statement and create an outline
    This is a crucial step before starting the actual writing work on your essay. Your thesis statement is a roadmap for your readers–it tells them what to expect. Your outline should say in which order you’ll discuss your main arguments.
  • Create a topic sentence for each paragraph
    In your text, each paragraph should only discuss one key point. The topic sentence will show your reader which point will be discussed in the following paragraph. Make sure the topic sentence is always related to your main point of argument and use it as a sneak peek for what follows in the next paragraph.
  • Link your paragraphs
    Make sure to include smooth transitions between your paragraphs. Only open a new door once the previous one is properly closed. Connect each paragraph to the preceding one. You can also use transitions within the paragraph to connect your ‘train of thoughts’ and keep an overall logic to your writing.
  • Come up with a great conclusion
    Here you want to summarize your main arguments and thoughts. You can also re-state your thesis here. Show the reader how your work shone the light on previously unnoticed facts on the subject. You can include a call to action too, depending on the type of your essay.
  • Cut and revisit
    Read the entire text again. Does it make sense as whole? Where can you potentially loose your readers? Make sure each paragraph only presents one idea.

Then read the entire work out loud to catch choppiness. If something doesn’t sound right, cut it out. It can be painful to cut out that one great paragraph, but oftentimes good ideas are replaced by better ones. Try shuffling paragraphs around and experiment with a new and improved order.